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CZ KIDS SURE Vanilla is rich in multivitamins and multiminerals and probiotics with DHA. It is tailored to meet the needs of growing kids and helping them to catch up growth, immunity and cognitive function.
It is designed for growing children to support height gain, muscle strength and brain development.
It is sugar free and made for children up to 14 years!

ENHANCE BONE STRENGTH - Enhance bone strength, dental health, and gut vitality with our nutrition powder. Packed with Calcium and Vitamin D, it fortifies bones, ensuring your child's vigor and energy levels soar!
NATURALLY SWEETENED - CZ Kids Sure is naturally sweetened, free from artificial flavors, ensuring a delicious and wholesome experience for your child. We prioritize natural ingredients to provide a tasty and healthy option they'll love.
IMMUNITY -Boost your child's immunity with CZ Kids Sure, as it's rich in essential vitamins A, D2, E, K, and C. These key nutrients work together to support their immune system, keeping them healthy and resilient.
EASY MIX - It is super easy to mix and use, just add 1 spoon of CZ KIDS SURE CHOCOLATE or VANILLA POWDER in milk, stir it well and enjoy!


₹299.00 Regular Price
₹239.20Sale Price

    Unit No. 10, NAIRUT BLDG, RAJEEV NAGAR, GOKUL TOWNSHIP ROAD, VIRAR (W) 401303, Maharashtra Customer Care no. : 7558619348 Email :

    Country of Origin - India

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